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Looking for hen night ideas? Our dance classes could be the answer!

Our hen party dance classes will make you feel like burlesque starlets, Bond style vixens, glamorous showgirls or the next Pussycat Dolls.

The ultimate in hen party ideas, our lessons are perfect fun for your parties of all shapes, sizes and abilities. Looking for hen night ideas? Let our expert instructors transport you to the sultry world of burlesque bump ‘n’ grind in our burlesque and pin-up hen parties, the Moulin Rouge for our showgirl and can-can parties back in time in our Charleston, Grease and 80s parties – and much more!

Our sessions aren’t just dance classes – they’re designed to discover your inner actress and take you into another world. If you’re one of those people who can’t find the beat, or don’t know your right from your left, don’t worry! It’s as much about the acting as it is strutting your stuff. Our theatrically inspired scenarios have been ‘tried and tested’ since 2005, and will take you through character-based routines and iconic dances from across the ages. Here, we know exactly what works: every single syllabus has been approved by girls like you.

Dance classes for the perfect hen party

Having taught classes with National Dance Centres across the UK, our directors have the know-how, experience and industry recognition that will ensure your hen party is in good hands. Our friendly teachers are fully dance trained, and many also work as professional dancers, ensuring your hen party enjoys a high standard of training, plenty of fun anecdotes and of course lots of laughs. So if you’ve just been tasked with organising the hen party, relax – we’re here to help.

For the best hen party ideas, plus tips and tricks to use on your special day and beyond, look no further than Charm School.

- be taught a lesson!


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