Roaring 20s – Charleston

Roaring ‘20s – Charleston Flappers

Fast, furious and fun, the Charleston and flapper girls have come to represent the Roaring Twenties! Inspired by the decade that saw hemlines rise and women get the vote our Roaring Twenties hen party is dedicated to the Charleston. This session recreates the hedonism of the 1920s, as our expert instructors take you on a whistlestop tour of the dance that came to define the decade.

Starting with Charleston essentials, our hen party session will have your group dancing up a storm in no time, giving you the occasional break for a tipple of Pimms or some suitably spiffing alternative. By the end of our party, your group will be sashaying your way down the street to the nearest speakeasy.

We provide the essential flapper headband and customary long beads for that perfect 20s twirl. Feel free to dress-up 20s style, or just wear clothing you are comfy moving in. You may like to bring a pair of small heels. So ladies, hitch up those skirts and get ready to swing your beaded necklace in our Roaring Twenties Charleston hen party!


Session Length:

2 hours

What to Wear/Bring:

We recommend you wear comfortable clothing and shoes as this is a movement based class. You’re very welcome to dress 20s style – think flapper dresses, headbands, cigarette holders and beads. You might also like to bring a pair of small heels, but this is entirely up to you .


Prices start from £220 per group including a complimentary Charm School dance top. Please contact us for a quote.

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