Lap Dance Essentials

Lap Dance Essentials – Close Encounters

If you’re interested in fun, raunchy hen party themes, prepare to get up-close and personal with Close Encounters, our hen party guide to lap dance essentials. This hen party teaches the art of the lap dance, which is a contact dance performed one-on-one. As the name suggests, this dance is performed with a ‘human chair’ and is dangerously sexy.

This hen party dance session guides you through the outrageous teasing and flirting that is the key to lap dancing, and our instructors will have you gracefully moving from one position to another like a professional. We will let you into the tricks of the trade, from the closest contact body positions to floorwork. Guaranteed to make you feel like a sex kitten, Close Encounters is the ultimate guide to sexy lap dance.

For those hen parties that want to learn how to get up close and personal, Close Encounters is for you!


Session Length:

2 hours

What to Wear/Bring:

We recommend that you wear comfortable clothing and shoes as this is a movement-based class.  Please also bring comfortable high heels.


Prices start from £220 per group including a complimentary Charm School dance top. Please contact us for a quote.

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